How to get free master card in Nepal In 15 Minutes - Skrill Mastercard In Nepal For Free

        How to Get your free MasterCard in Nepal Using skrill

how to get free master card in nepal

 Hi everyone, if you are searching on the internet about how to get a free master card in Nepal then you are in the right place. In this blog, I will be discussing how you can get a free Master in Nepal in 2020 without spending a single Penny. I will be describing the whole process. If you read this blog, I am sure that you own your master card with some clicks.

Why skrill master card is best for you?

Skrill is a verified payment system which is doing great in the field online payment. Mostly, In Asian countries, it is very popular and many people refer to use skrill. So, as it now also provides the master card in more than 180 countries. So we can use it anywhere.

  when we talk about Nepal, there are not many companies that provide MasterCard to Nepali people so, skrill can be very useful to us.

Things You Need  to get your master card in Nepal through skrill

master card in Nepal  for free
Skrill MasterCard In Nepal

1.) You need to create a skrill account.

Creating a Skrill account is free. skrill is in the business from 2001 and it is working in Nepal form 2007. from skrill, you can also be sent and receive money in Nepal with the help of most of the Nepali bank or you can directly withdraw your skrill fund to Esewa. Yes, you listen to it right Esewa is also associated with skrill.

2.) verify your skrill account.

Only creating a skrill account is not enough to get your first master card in Nepal from skrill. for that, you need to verify the skrill account from Nepal. It's not that difficult to verify the skrill. Hardly, it will take about 15 minutes to submit the verification form.
Things required to verify your skrill account from Nepal

I.) You need to upload a photo of your driving license or passport.
   ( both front and back)

II.) You need to verify your address for that you need to download the skrill app and just turn on the google location and it will automatically your address or location. But, In some cases, it doesn't work. In that situation, you need to upload the electricity bill or water bill or any other documents which are able to verify your address to the skrill team.

III.) After that, you need to wait for some time and then your account will be review by the skrill team and then you will receive a mail that your account is verified.

IV.) if because of some reasons your account doesn't get verified. Then, you can send mail to the skrill support team and they will offer you a solution.

 3.) Order the master card 

After you successfully create and verify your skrill account from Nepal. The last door you need to open get your master card in your hand is that you need to order the master card from the website of Skrill. You can not order a master card from the skrill app. you need to log in from a browser in order to access that option to order the card.

        After completing the whole process you will get your master card within 2 weeks if you are living in Kathmandu. Other, it may take up to 4 weeks if you are living in other cities of Nepal.

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