How to buy Netflix account In Nepal

How to buy Netflix account In Nepal 

Hi everyone,
In this blog, I will explain the easiest way to buy a Netflix account in Nepal. Let be honest we all enjoy the TV shows, movies, and Netflix originals that Netflix offers to us. In Nepal also we can see the craze for Netflix, as  Nepali movie is not that too good so people started to search for an alternative for their free time and entertainment.


As Netflix is a paid platform, the interested user should pay monthly or yearly charges for the use of Netflix service. In-country like Us and Canada, it is easy to purchase one but in Nepal, it is a confusing task. Netflix supports two types of payment method one is international credit or debit card and another is Paypal. In the case of Nepal, both do not work. Nepal issue debit and a credit card are not internationally verified so it can be only used in two countries they Nepal and India. the thing about the Paypal is that it can not be made and verified from Nepal and if you have a Paypal account also you need to have a debit or credit card linked to it. 
Both of the payment systems don't work in Nepal. So, this is the problem related to Netflix in Nepal. people love the content of Netflix and also want to purchase the service but because of the lack of the proper payment system for Nepali, we aren't able to buy Netflix account in Nepal.


Every problem has its own solution, for this problem I have figure out a solution. The solution is pretty simple and I have mentioned a problem in the above problem section that is we need to have an international card or Master card. we can not buy a master card in Nepal but we can order a master card from Us. For that, you should need to contact us to get your own Payoneer account and we will order a master card but to order a master card you must receive a payment of $30 from a global company, it still sounds difficult. Trust me, it isn't a difficult task. there are many people in Nepal who can do this for you. you just need to pay about Rs 2000 for an account and that account can be used in the future for other international payments also. So if you have your own Master Card, you can buy Netflix or any other Account.  

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