How to do online shopping in Nepal from Ebay India

How to do online shopping in Nepal from eBay India


If you are also trying to buy a product from eBay in Nepal without shipping price, you click in the right place. today I will share you the method to get product from India to Nepal without shipping cost. for this, you do not need many things you just need to make a PayPal and the amount of money that is needed to buy the product. if you do not make PayPal account in Nepal, click here for PayPal account. after you can PayPal account and enough balance now you are ready from online shopping in Nepal from India. if you don`t know about eBay. eBay is the third largest online store in the world. you can buy most of the products from eBay at the good price. things like phones, tabs, laptop, etc you can buy from eBay if you do not get these products in Nepal. 

Steps to do online shopping in Nepal From eBay 

1.) Create Paypal Account

        For buying goods from Nepal you need to make a verified PayPal account, if you do not have a PayPal account you can not buy a product from eBay to Nepal. so, first of all, make a PayPal account and add money to it. your PayPal account must be verified to make a transaction through eBay. if you do not make money in PayPal account you can add money from exchanges. you can use BestExchange to convert your cash from another wallet to the PayPal wallet. 

2.) Select the product with shipping option or free shipping

        After you get your Paypal account, you must choose the product which has shipping option you can easily see the shipping option side of the product. if the shipping price is affordable for you, you can buy the product. in some cases, there is free shipping offer. so look all the product related to your needed one, if you get the product with less or no shipping charge it will be better for you. so shipping option is the main thing you need to be sure while shipping from eBay to Nepal.

 3.)  your address and zip or postal code

           you have checked about the shipping details and confirmed that it is also for Nepal from India or from any other country. the next step is to give your correct address were you want to have that product. the address must be correct because if you do not give the correct address you may not get your product in time or you may have to go in post office. so, it will be better to give the correct address. you can also use google map for this process if you are not sure about the location.
after giving location you need to give the postal code of the ner post office nearby you. the code for the chief post office of the Nepal which is in Kathmandu is 44600. if you are living in Kathmandu you can use this code to get the product reach your home.

4.) Payment

        After all the things you need to give payment for the product, you have bought. so, you can have the product in Nepal from eBay after submitting payment through your Paypal Account. this is the easy processer to buy the product from eBay to Nepal without extra charge.




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